I Love You Buddy But...



When the man you love manages to piss you off to the absolute extreme

I really do love my husband.  He is, for the most part, a wonderful man who I wouldn't trade for anything.  Over the many years we have been together he has spoiled me rotten.  Buddy is a loving, usually thoughtful, compassionate, caring, intelligent, interesting, handsome, even tempered companion.  Did you pick up on that people?  No?  Reread it.  Did you catch it this time?  Still haven't seen it?  Read it one more time.  OK, OK I'll tell you.
It's the usually thoughtful part, the key word being usually.  So what has the d*^khead done?  I'm going to tell you.
I had managed to catch just about every winter time scourge you can imagine all at one time.  Another words I was sick as a dog and contagious.  Now we have a routine that pretty much every Saturday we meet one or more of our daughters for lunch.  One of the said daughters was in her third trimester of her second pregnancy.  On this day we would have been meeting two of our daughter the third had to work, the two that would have been there both had small children under two.  So me going to lunch with them that day was definitely out of the question.  When the final plans were made Buddy was away from the house that morning and he called me to let me know what was happening.  OK he could go, I couldn't, and everyone knew this, so all was good.  All was good that is until I asked him to bring me something back.  That's when things went to hell in a hand-basket at a thousand miles an hour.
Instead of him going OK sweetheart, or whatever little endearment that he might've call me, what do you want me to bring back for you, he screwed up big time.  After waiting a few seconds he lets out this exasperated sigh and in a slightly gruff voice asked what do you want.  Now I suspect he may have been coming down with the same crap I had and probably didn't feel too well himself but I did have the crud and I damn sure didn't feel real well.  Hell I was one step away from going totally crazy.
I told him never mind, don't worry about it.
He started with what do you...but again I told him to forget it and hung up on him.
I was mad.
Shortly after that he walked in the door with that usual cute little boy look and the first thing he ask is what do you want me to bring back for you.  I told him not a damn thing.  What transpired after that you would have to know Buddy and me to get a good picture but I'll try and convey it as best as I can.
Buddy has a way of getting back on my good side pretty quick when I get mad at him.  He can drop that head of his and look at me with those beautiful blue eyes through mile long eyelashes and in the cutest little boy voice you ever heard go, Whaaat.  Yes he drags out the what.  Now if that doesn't quite work he will then get close to me and nudge me in this really adorable way and continued with the whaaat.  Usually by this time my resolve is close to breaking and he knows a couple more cute little things and I'll capitulate and he has me smiling.  Not this time.  I don't know if it was because I felt so bad or what but it wasn't working.  Instead as he stood over me, I was sitting on the couch, as he continued to try and win me over I did something I have never done with him before.  I looked at the poor man with the kind of dead cold look I have never directed at him before and simply saying.  "I'm not in the mood."  If you could have seen the look on his face you would understand why I felt so bad later.  Oh he tried to tell me that he was kidding, he wasn't which made me even madder because he was lying to me and he should have known I would see right through him.
Poor man remained quiet as a mouse while he finished getting ready to meet the girls.  Yes I know he was being a jerk and I had every right to be pissed at him but come on people did you read the rest of the description?  He really is all those things and I've just busted the poor man's bubble.  It is rare that I get mad at him and even rarer that I stay mad longer than a few minutes.  I have never in all the years I've known the man have I shot him down like that.  He made me feel like the Red Baron and he was Snoopy and I just shot him down dead.  Anyway before he walked out the door he pulled me to him and gave me a big hug and told me he was sorry he shouldn't have acted like he did.
So what's the point to this whole drawn out story?  My husband acted like a total jerk but I'm the one who feels like an ass.  Go figure.  Damn that man is good.
Yes I got my lunch and it was wonderful.  God love him.


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