*The Enchanted*



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Claudia finished preparing dinner on the stove for her father while the orange rays of the setting sun painted the air in the kitchen. She set down the spoon and walked to the far window to close the wooden shudders. A neighbor was doing the same while her kids played in the ally below. Claudia set the pot on the stove and wiped off her hands with a damp dish rag.
With dinner completed, She walked across her open loft in the remaining sunlight through the window and turned the stiff, squeaky faucet knobs to draw her bath water. She supported her neck with a warm wet towel against the rim of the cast iron tub and relaxed in the steamy bubbles with a hand-rolled cigarette between her fingers. The suds slid down her lean body when she rose from the water and she wrapped a fresh, clean towel around her torso. She walked to her lone freestanding wardrobe, which was small for a woman her age and taste, and passed through the few selections she had to wear.
Claudia put a dress down across the bed. She selected a pair of stockings and inspected them for snags. She sat at her make-up table and rolled herself a few cigarettes before applying a small dab of perfume in the valley of her breasts. A single drop ran down her skin but was caught by her fingertip before she massaged it into her skin.
She opened the top drawer of her makeup table and revealed various brushes and hair pins along with a homemade knife; which she guided into the top of her stocking on her thigh. After putting the final hair pin in place, she left through the back door and cut down the ally to the poorly lit street.

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