And Life Goes On



Life Goes on and on...

What is life all about anyway?  No matter who you are and you are just one-things you choose to do can change the World.

There is a purpose in all and I Know there is but one G-d and He is in Charge.


He left His Throne and came to this Earth and became a baby in a manger-of a Virgin and her engaged husband. They had to pay taxes as each family did during that time and Mary was carrying the Son of Man we call Jesus inside her womb. He was born while the Angels sang-Emmanuel--"G-d is with Us"


Just why did He have to come to Earth out of this Whole Universe? Jesus did not have to come here-He choose to.

Why?  Because all men (mankind) are sinners. What is a sinner?



All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of G-d.

Jesus spent 33 years on Earth and many saw the miracles He did. No man had ever done such miracles and cannot.


So it only takes the Holy Spirit and asking Jesus into your heart to be born again.


No human can help but sin.

Here on Earth we will have trials and temptations. That is part of life and G-d gave us emotions for a reason.

You do not even have to be Baptized.

Jesus was hanged on a tree among many that day-but He spoke to the thief on the Cross next to Him and said-"Today-you will be with me in paradise."


So you see-life is about personal choices-good and evil and some people have lost their ability to  receive the Holy Spirt. No one took the time to speak G-d's Word to them.


My prayer for this Christmas is that you are truly - born again. Blaming His own people is a fallacy.

The Roman Government had become corrupted because of Money. The People who wanted Jesus to die-were not just Jews.

The Real (One)Devil was busy.

G-d is so much more powerful-look-He created the Universe.


Merry Christmas.  Shalom. 

Love one another as I have loved you.   Quote from Jesus.






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