Korcal the Immortal



Gkuxa stares into the flames.

As Gkuxa stared into the flames they began to twist and writhe, growing in height, soon a figure could be seen. It stared at Gkuxa.
'I am Korcal the Immortal!' said the figure in a crackling voice.
Gkuxa just stared.
'I am Korcal the Immortal and have chosen you, Gkuxa to...'
'Are you really immortal?' asked Gkuxa, interrupting.
There was an icy silence despite the raging fire.
'I've been alive for five thousand years, I attained the status of a god after journeying to the shadow realms of Karchm, slaying the great vampire beast Bhalamoth and drinking blood from its neck after removing its head, a task that took three days of chopping with the legendary axe of Oengus Balgair.'
'But you're just in fires though?'
'No, not just in fires! Fire manifestation is really difficult, no one has seen Korcal the Immortal in fire for four hundred years!'
'Wow, really?'
Gkuxa thought for a moment, 'But you've got a body somewhere, right?'
'Well, not at the moment, but...'
'So you're like a spirit, or ghost?'
'Look!' shouted Korcal angrily, 'don't make me manifest there, you really don't want that.'
Gkuxa looked around the temple.
'Pay attention!' yelled Korcal. 'Or by thunder I'll burn you up right here and now.'


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