Halloween Night



It was a chilly October morning,the night was colder by every passing day,the big oak beside the screw pine stood there,for years now,the screw pine had been his companion........

It was a chilly October morning,

The night was colder by every passing day,

The big oak beside the screw pine stood there

For years now,the screw pine had been his companion

For the last two years or so,she thought scratching his boughs

October has been a chilly affair, he balding soon but even the screw pine

Seemed to shed her needles, the pine has been a friend and neighbor for long now.


Yes,he recalled one October morning

It was when the little child brought that sapling

Out of the dickey of her dads Jeep,laid it on the lawn

And  declared  "I'm goin' to plant this one,its mine,my own tree"

'That's all right,baby,its yours no doubt,It will grow with you"

'I'll choose where it should be planted,its my tree,you know"

Her dad looked at the child's face in great appreciation of her determination

He seemed to imagine with her about that big full grown screw pine standing majestically in their garden


So the two decided the screw pine is going to be next to me,

A wee bit off the driveway,but be seen from the porch and from her own window

'I'm planting it here,the bunny and the red squirrel will like it here"

'That's fine,so here she goes" said the dad and planted the pine firmly on the ground

The pine and the kid grew together ,the red Squirrel and Bunny too

October was the favorite for all of them,the kid decorating the porch and the lawn

With spooky lanterns and figures,her friends from the neighborhood adding to that fun.


It has been twenty years to this day,thought the oak

He looked at the Screw pine over his shoulder,felt  he heard a deep sigh from her,

As though she was also thinking of the kid like her, the Halloween night it was !

How could anyone not think of that child who had tricked every neighbor around

With lanterns of crazy looks and lights,the big Pumpkin figure by the screw pine and those laughter

Today, a haunting silence pervaded that still October mist,smoking chimneys and lighted cigars all,

The father resting on the wick chair on the porch as he looked at the pine,a blank look in  that eye,

The Oak could not hide his tears, for the child had departed his Earthly home and Screw pine stood alone,

A tiny squirrel running off with an acorn,a young bunny burrowing through the fallen leaves,yet life as usual!










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