Work-in-progress excerpt from Echo Island



A sneak peek at the relationship between Theresa and Max

...I put on the glasses and pretended to be nerdier and more inquisitive.  I thought, now is the time to ask him some hard-hitting questions.  Now that I have my glasses on and all.

“So, Max.” I started.


“Where do you go to school?” I asked.

“It’s on the mainland, you wouldn’t know it.” 

“Could look it up on my phone?”

“I don’t think so.  You’re phone won’t work in the middle of the lake.  I can assure you.”

I looked at my phone and he was right, no bars.  Dang it.

“Okay, how old are you?” I continued, unfazed.

“How old are you?” He responded.  I knew it!  I knew he’d respond with a question.

“I’m seventeen.” I answered, “You?”

“I’m around your age,” he replied.  

I pushed my glasses closer to my face and pretended to write his answers down.  

“Hmmm.  Interesting answer.  Vague, but an answer,” I said and then continued, “How long does it take to canoe to the mainland?”  

“Are you in a hurry?” he asked.

“Well, sort of.  You were so urgent before.”  I answered.

“Now that we’re on our way, we can only go so fast,” He argued.  I guess that was true.  But what was also true, I had time to grill him like a news reporter.  

“Do you have any other brothers or sisters?” I asked.

“It’s just Iris and me,” he answered.  

“Where are your parents?” I blurted out without even thinking of what I was saying.

“They’re no longer with us,” he answered.  


I was silent for a moment.  He was so young, that I didn’t even think of that as an option.  Everyone I know who is around my age… They still have their parents around.  Young and active and healthy.  

“I’m sorry,” I finally said. “I should’ve been more sensitive with my questions.”

“It’s okay.  Really.  I don’t mind talking about them.  I enjoy thinking about them.” 

This was too honest of an answer, I wasn’t ready for something like that.  I started to get uncomfortable.  I wanted to change the subject really bad.  

He must of sensed how I was feeling, so he started talking.

“Those feelings you’re having don’t have to be awkward or embarrassing.  If you feel strange right now, it just shows that you’re a sensitive person.  And that sensitivity is your true wealth.  Your power.  You should be proud of it because not everyone has it.  In reality, very few people do,” he said.  

Was he trying to make me faint?  Nobody ever said anything like that to me before.  How could a surfer type guy wind up talking like a wise old man?  Okay, so we were talking about me and talking about our feelings.  Now was the real time to change the subject!  Yeeeesh.  I don’t like to get too personal, yuck!

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