Taken from "Tales of Hickety Plop." Picture book series.




With one brown eye, the other blue,


A friend to me, a friend to you,


A super dog, I'm always told,


A dog who truly broke the mould.


He likes to sing, he likes to dance,


I almost forgot, he's called Chickipants.


His favourite food is beans on toast,


Although he's partial to a roast,


His name is known across the world,


By every little boy and girl.


He likes to sing, he likes to dance,


Everyone knows, he's called Chickipants.


He tries his best and never quits,


He somersaults and does the splits,


Most people when they see him stare,


But he goes on without a care,


Being happy, being loud, entertaining every crowd,


He likes to sing he likes to dance,


Round of applause,  he's called Chickipants.


He juggles fruit with both eyes shut,


Whilst standing only on one foot,


He wags his tail at such a pace,


It often slaps him in the face,


And when he hears a noisy sound,


His head spins all the way around,


So if you see him round about,


Remember you must always shout,


“you love to sing, you love to dance,


Hello friend, you're called Chickipants.”






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