I Wish She Did



A 995 word story about a lowly messenger during a war

The blood feels so fresh, that it is almost as if the soldier might as well still be alive. That’s how most corpses are like at first. Then they show their true colors.

Hmm. I suppose that wasn’t really funny. Can’t blame a guy for trying. I’m just glad I can still joke. Then again, I’m not in the forces. I’m just a messenger. I stay out of the fighting.

I have to get to the squad that was send out looking for rations. Our boss told me to get this letter. I really hate this kind of job. They can be in a number of places. I can be killed searching for them. I have to stay on our side for as long as I can. I can use our troops as shields for a while, just one of many.  If the enemy tries to kill us all off, I’ll get some warning, and be able to run away.

I try to get to the other side of this crowd, which isn’t very big, but everyone else is moving. How you ever tried to cross a whirlpool?

The guys a few yards away start screaming. The battle war kind. Oh boy. I’ve got to get away now. It’s going to be hard. I’m right in the middle of this mass. This guy runs right past me and pushes me down. It pissed me off, but I ignore it because a fast moving guy in a group means a fasting moving group. And when you are fighting someone in a group with people running around you, it means the bad guys are chopping us pretty fast. I have to get out of here fast!

I get up, but more people end up pushing me down. I feel something wet on my brow. Blood. They’re closing in. It’s too late. Maybe I should just play dead. Then again, if I do that, everyone would just step on me. Not that they don’t already. I have to run.

I see the few between me and the enemy fall. One guy gets his face sliced in half! I try to roll away, but someone stuck their sword in my arm. I screamed until they gagged me. I think they used a rock. They take my arm with the sword in it and put the blade in my other arm. The pain made me cry. I fall to my knees, but one of the bad guys holds the hilt and lifts me up. He steers me forward. As I look around for help, I see that a few more are being taken in. They are making us go to this lady this big white sword.

I recognized her. She is the leader of the enemy. I don’t know much about her. I’m just a messenger. But I hear that she is the most cold-blooded person ever and she kills so many people every day that her white sword become a red sword by the end of the day. In my opinion, that is just cliché. Scary, sure, but cliché.

They put us in a line. I can’t tell when they are doing, but the guys in front are trying to get away, so I do the same. But I’m having a tough time, with the sword in my forearms and all. And I see that I’m the only one with a sword in his arms. Hmm.

Guards all around have spikes to keep everyone in place. No one is able to get away and I was close enough to see what the scare was all about. The leader was slashing the eyes. She’s trying to blind us, so we can’t see the entrance to their hideout. I moved my arms so maybe they can slide out, but guy behind me puts me in a headlock.

I was in the front of line. I tell her I’m just a messenger and that I can’t do anything to hurt her side, but she doesn’t listen.

After they’re done with me, no one is bothering to hold on to me. No need, they think. The pain is unbearable, but why can’t one of the soldiers get up, and run the opposite way? That person can get back to base, and get help. Why isn’t anyone trying? They should be strong enough. I can’t do it. I’m too weak and I would never get away.

Someone picks me up after a bit, and pushes me to walk. I don’t want to. Acid is burning me everywhere. I never knew this amount of pain could exist. My head feels empty, but also warm. I-


When I wake up, the dirt no longer is hot with sweat, blood, and pain. Everything is cold. I think I got a concussion, but my wounds are keeping me awake. At least my hands are free, but my feet aren’t. At least they didn’t use a sword this time.

How long have I been here? How long until I get out?

I can’t get up, but I can roll around. The room is small, and I can’t feel any openings. I didn’t really move much. Every time I do, everything hurts. It’s not really worth it. I’ll just wait until someone else helps me. They’ll save us. They have to.

I don’t know how much time passes. I want to go home.

I hear shouting. I don’t know what’s happening.

I hear the leader’s voice.

I hear other people.

There’s silence. Then shuffling. The cold fades away. It’s getting warm. Why is it getting warm? Warmer and warmer and warmer. I feel something wet on my face. Wisps of heat take bits of my skins.

No. Please no!

My body is gone. So is the leader’s. I pick her up.

She feels light, like air. I wonder if it’s her weight or if I’m just that strong. It’s weird. She didn’t scream. I wish she did.

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