From the 2nd book, Tlalocs attack Luna Station



The attack of Luna Station begins

Sagar sat in a meeting room at Lunar Station. Through the false window was an ancient scene from Earth, one taken during a trip to Northern Europe, just as Homo Sapiens were spreading throughout the continent. Kirashi sat to her left, mindlessly staring at a marble bust of Adrahasis, the ancient Tayamni leader who led the movement to turn away from Patriarchy. The heavy bust showed him wearing a toga and drape, much like a bust of Ceasar.

Kirashi was disappointed. She and E5 planned to be together for a few days. But he was called away to the Jovian Moons. Gashan sat across the table explaining her team’s latest breakthrough. “We have found their language to have many non-verbal ques.”

Malah, an Elder, looked at her with confusion.

“Clicks and hisses. We believe they are trying to emulate the sound of flowing water. Water has religious significance for them, so much so that they moved their capital city to a water planet,” she continued.

They felt a low rumbling. Sagar looked at Kirashi. Her tea cup, a replica of 18th English china, rattled in its saucer. They experienced Moon quakes before, but nothing like this. Then, a loud bang, and the room tilted to the side. The tea cup fell onto the floor, shattering. A painting fell off the wall. The table and chairs slid towards the wall. Kirashi stood quickly and backed up. Sagar fell to the floor as a chair tumbled over her. Then, another bang, so loud it deafened them. The technology projecting a scene behind the false window, went dark. Gashan crawled to the door. The bust of Adrahasis fell from the column and slid across the table top, hitting the floor with a soft thud. Gashan stood at the door, but it didn’t open. The lights went off, leaving them in complete darkness.

“What’s happening?” Kirashi managed to whisper.

“I don’t feel Malah’s spirit,” Sagar shouted.

“Nor do I,” Gashan responded.

“Malah!” Kirashi shouted.

Then, they felt heat. It came from the hallway. Gashan moved away from the door. They smelled smoke.

Sagar felt wetness on her hands, as she pulled herself across the floor.

Kirashi tapped her solar plexus, and a pale white light shone from her belt. She moved her hands up to her face. Sagar’s white environmental suit was covered with a dark liquid, splashed up onto her chest, and smeared on her thighs. Beside her, the stone bust of Adrahasis lay on Malah’s crushed body.

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