Journals of a Psychopath.



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The Isolation Chamber

Rubbing my hands excitedly and filling the bathtub with very hot water, I plunged Courtney into the tub the water splashed, poured over the edge, and created pools on the laminated floor. Courtney’s skin was red, the veins in her neck stood out. Courtney’s arms and legs beat the liquid wildly, her cries of anguish aggravated Connor he covered his ears.
      “Scrub her epidermis with a stiff brush,” the Voice said.
Grasping the bathroom aid and the solid quills were sharp. Scouring from head to foot, her struggles intensified. Rummaging in the closet for a bottle of brandy, taking a slug the liquor burned my gullet. Pressing the bottle to Courtney’s lips, prizing her mouth open, it received the brandy, it calmed her. Holding her hands out, I took the bottle away, and considered the anguish I inflicted. Pushing Courtney under the water, Courtney’s fight for life was laudable.
      “You can have a death-stick.”
Courtney gripped the cigarette between shaking wet fingers. Continuing to attack her body the heat increased Courtney’s distress. Her viewing-disks relocated erratically. Plunging Courtney under the water and I allowed her to come up, she choked.


Courtney moaned virtually inaudibly, she shuddered with horror when she saw the clearing I climbed the pinnacle of adrenalin. A chill wind shrilled amongst the branches and the sound satisfied.
      “You must free me.”
I told her of the time to come. The Misfortune Keepers twitched their branches and showed delight with my company and the presence of Courtney. On my knees at the bottom of the Master Tree, I was in union in the middle of the Mentors. I venerated with thankfulness and reverence. They accepted my humanity the Purifiers were by my side. Introducing Courtney to the Woodlanders, she skirled. I danced the sense pertaining to gratitude love appreciation for the Purifiers sprang to attention. The Life Forms loved me the body of amity was round me and their very nature fulfilled my desires.
Courtney messed herself and the excrement stuck to her body. Scraping on the frozen dirt and the altar eased from the secreted habitat it was magnificent. Lifting her and I let Courtney fall, she crashed onto the block, Courtney struggled to raise her cranium.
      “You will gain purification,” the Trees and the Darkest-one said.
Sparking the conflagration I was enamored by the brightness and the voracious flames lit the setting, her body quivered. The Purifiers and the Archangel were in the stance of the military. Igniting the torches, the stands were high. Securing Courtney to the ceremonial structure, the sword was at the side. Bathing her vulva and hunger swept through, but I was forbidden to enter the honeyed-part. Trickling down Courtney’s thighs, the water reminded me of urine. Abrading the sword from her neck to Courtney’s woman-place, I was tempted to plunge the cutter inside her body. The Woodlanders and the Archangel instructed otherwise. Slashing the skin on her arm and I hacked at the bone it was stubborn, I achieved the goal, the arm parted company from her body. Bleeding liberally, she jerked. Spiralling and squealing I was hyped. Jolting spasmodically and Courtney inspected. Removing a branch from the fire and the red-hot flares zigzagged. Squashing it against the end of the stump, burning into her skin and the orange end crackled against it, she moaned it was guttural. Twitching the remnant seemed alive, her body vibrated, it seemed as though the stump and Courtney’s body were in union even though separated.

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