It Comes(Part 8) On The Run Again



Another chapter to my short horror story

Charlie stared at the pile of ash in front of him. His mind still trying to grasp the concept that someone just turned to a pile of dust right in front of his eyes. Did that just happen? Charlie thought. Did I just witness someone disintegrate in front of me? And all from a fucking scratch. Sweet jesus, I have got to get out of here. And with that, Charlie picked up the knife from the pile of rubble, climbed out the window, and was running again. He had no idea where to go. He just knew he had to keep moving. 
He stopped at a news stand to pick up the paper. The headline almost made him puke. "THEFT AT LOCAL CARNIVAL. EX-MARINE BRADY SINCLAIRE LEAD SUSPECT" And they had a picture of him in the corner. It was him.

Ex-marine? Charlie thought. This guy had more secrets than a teen-ager's diary. He stuffed the paper in his jacket, and kept moving.

He almost fell on his face when he turned around and tripped over a pair of legs. The legs belonged to a homeless man who was living in a box. 
"Spare some change, mister?" He asked, his voice harsh from years of living on the street. 
Charlie reached into his pocket and pulled out some lint. Amongst the lint was two dollars and thirty five cents. He handed the change over to the homeless man saying "Here you go, buddy. It's all that I have on me."
"Thanks, mister." The hobo said.
But as Charlie was about to turn and walk away, the hobo grabbed his arm with a grip Charlie didn't expect from such a fragile old man. It was as if a professional weightlifter grabbed him, and it hurt.
"What the hell. ....?" Charlie exclaimed. 
Charlie looked into his eyes. They were now dark and sinister. It sent chills up Charlie's spine. And the voice that now spewed from the man's lips was not the same raspy voice Charlie had heard two minutes ago. It was deep, dark and pure evil.

"It's coming for you Charlie. There's nowhere you can run and there's nowhere you can hide. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THE BEAST!!! It wants you, Charlie. And when it finds you, not even God can save you. This demon is gonna drag you to hell!!!"

And with that, the man collapsed to the ground, dead. Charlie looked on in horror. 
"I have got to get out of here, now!" Charlie said to himself. 
In the distance, Charlie heard a familiar growl. It was the growl of the beast.

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