Journals of a Psychopath



The Lady Flarice's girlfriend does not have long on this earth.

The Shrine

      “Lady Flarice has gone missing I do not know where she is,” I said to the Trees and the Archangel.
      “You should know the Lady Flarice’s whereabouts and we are surprised you lost sight of her.”
      “I am stunned about my error.”
      “You promised you were up to the task of monitoring her.”

Twin Moon Forks

Mooching into the bar, I slipped into the booth my heart thumped I needed to find her.
      “The error is yours and really this kind of behaviour should be reproved,” the Declarer said.
I did not know how she dodged and then I realised I must have fallen in a trance, it happened before, unproductive the search failed.


      “Rheanna is so fucking sexy,” Joe nudged me and said.
      “She is ok.”
Joe lifted his brow and it wrinkled, he slurped the coffee. Working on a car, it required a part. I rummaged around unsuccessfully. It was essential to go to Crow Forks the town over and I hurried to the pristine silver Buick.
      “Where are you off to?” Perry asked.
He was in the yard he stared frostily.
      “I am going to Crow Forks to fetch a part.”
      “Do not malinger too long,” Perry replied.

Crow Forks

Parking outside the wrecking yard and dirty, the street accommodated many folk. Dimple waved, she was the daughter of the owner. No one would ever guess she was rich.
      “What can I do for you?” Dimple asked.
Her clothes were rumpled and smiling her cheeks indented reflected her name. Piled on the top of her head her hair was dry from too many colorings. Dimple’s face was prematurely lined. Hurrying to a car and she scrabbled around. She returned with the module. Handing it to me, she traced my skin with her finger. I could not go anywhere without a woman coming on to me.
The Lady Flarice and the Man-Woman

The gossip concerning the Lady Flarice and her lesbian came regularly. Known in the area, I heard tattletales regarding their business. Obsession led me in and out of the quarters at will, nobody saw. The Lady Flarice and her man-woman took advantage I did not care, because it granted access to the Lady Flarice. Outside their home, I was surprised to catch sight of the Lady Flarice she should be at work.
      “I want you to do a job,” the man-woman said when she opened the door.
I chose to work slowly, the Lady Flarice appeared transfixed, and anxiety befell the man-woman. Giving me some coffee, Lady Flarice snatched her hand from mine her fingers touched my skin. Hoisting her frame, the lesbian led me to the door. Sidling out, she closed it firmly, I heard her accuse the Lady Flarice about wanting me, and I knew she did. I listened to the snappy tenor of the Lady Flarice's woman and the placatory tone of the Lady Flarice. The fighting ceased and making out, I examined the bodies, tongues licked and probed, the beat of my heart was akin to a military tattoo, I watched avidly. The next thing I saw darkened my psyche even more. Strapping a dildo onto her waist and the man-woman delivered the Lady Flarice much pleasure, I was incensed with rage, and it gushed from my soul.
      “Enjoy your freedom while you can, I am waiting to take you prisoner and to make your life so miserable you will want to die,” I sang.
      “Do not go too far ahead you must realise it will take time for the scene to be set,” the Narrator said.
Listening to the chorus of the black-angels, who perpetuated the vocation, and they attempted to sing in tune. Without conscience, my moral code was bereft of decency I did not heed boundaries. I am the all-powerful one, I craved to be purified it travelled through my body with waves of rapture.

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