A diary entry of a BA English student who often finds it hard with the language.

I had chosen the wrong person. With time, I would have managed to cope up with you; I was trying. I even thought of leaving my land to go with you, hoped for a better life, dreamt of it. But this is more than I can tolerate...all these frustrations and insults. I am not denying the good fortunes and fame you bestowed upon me at times. But many a time, people have ignored me only because they knew we are not in good terms. I was scolded, insulted, and I felt like I was a laughing stock before others-all because of you, losing the little store of confidence I had.But I am helpless I can't retreat for I had already begun this journey with you and have nowhere to go.Moreover I have fallen in love with you in my inmost heart.But I swear, I will have my revenge. "English,I am not gonna let you go from me so easily".

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