Journals of a Psychopath



Weird, wonderful and brutal that's my psychopath Clarkson.

Kruger Engineering

Lady Flarice was in a tight spot, she needed to accept Mariel was no longer with us. Peering into the office, I saw her anguish was apparent. Talking low, her colleagues gossiped about Mariel's boyfriend, whether he was connected to her disappearance. It was off the clock time and the workforce dispersed. Pursuing the Lady Flarice to her home, I scuttled into the sitting room, she glanced, acquainted with my intrusions, she never locked the doors when she was in.
      “How are you doing?”
She was stretched by the fire and the sadness radiated from her green-vista-spheres.
      “It is terrible about Mariel,” I said.
      “I am very worried now Mariel has gone too.”
      “Could it be someone you are acquainted with? I asked.

The Family Farm

Visiting Rhea in the bedroom and she entwined her arms around my waist she smelled.
Lugging Rhea into the bathroom, I bathed her several times I hated it when she was dirty.
      “Clarkson are you ready to nail me?”
My revulsion rose. Drying her overweight body and Rheanna compelled me to her. Pulling from her, I guided her to the bedroom, and shut the door. Jessie oozed sexuality she was near Smithson's bedroom. Strolling to her, I led Jessie into her room, and I banged her. Emerging and Rheanna was outside, she commented on Jessie's bosom.
      “Did you enjoy touching them?”
      “Yeah, hers are soft and voluptuous whereas yours sag are undersized.”
Hurling to Jessie Rhea smacked her face, fastening my arms around Rheanna, and I prevented any potential harm Rhea could inflict.

The Woodlander Characters

Revealing the latest innovation, I was ecstatic I hoisted the Lady Flarice's pure white silk-lace undergarments. The wind caught the hanger and curling the intimate apparel, it looked sexy. Joggling in the wind the pine needles shook, and the branches elevated, portrayed the value of our coalition.
      “The vaginal wrap is very apt,” the Purifiers and the Darkest-One, said.


Mariel’s cold body was on the floor. Lighting the firestorm and burning her, the flames roared, the gasoline engaged, and Mariel’s vista-orbs vanished into her skull. Standing and watching, Smithson and I were exuberant. Smithson took a branch he poked at Mariel’s body. Mariel’s teeth were on the floor and he seized them, hurled them in the conflagration.
      “I hope the Lady Flarice is devastated,” Smithson said.
      “Oh, she is you have no worries about that.”
      “When can we take her?”
      “The Purifiers and the Archangel will inform us when it is the correct time.”

The Manor House

Beginning to fix the washtub, my tendons rippled, I wanted to show off, Jessie glanced at Smithson, and I was taken aback, she should be looking at me.
      “Do you want me Smithson?”
Jessie had sensed his interest and her heart quickened I deduced that by the pace of her breath, as she studied him, I sensed some rivalry with Smithson.
      “You belong to my father.”
Jessie scanned him and Smithson comprehended her error, he disappeared through the door, as he did so, he turned, and his glance was intense. Thus far, he had not shown interest in any of my women. Jesse kissed me ardently and stroked me passionately.
      “Let’s go to bed,” she said.
      “No, you would think about my son.”
      “What is wrong with that you both look the same? Anyways I put up with your cheating.”
      “We are not seeing each other it is just sex.”
      “Oh my, here was me thinking we would wed!” Jessie said.

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