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not a story, but just letting feelings out.

so it was about 6years ago. I met this real awesome cool dude, or so I thought.

as time went by our relationship became more cloudy, I guess you can even say it was getting dark at times.

we being teenagers started using drugs, we thought we were on top of the world, as time went by our drug

dependency was very visible strangers eyes, but out of all of that darkness, a little ray of sunshine was

dropped in my life, I was doing my best to kill the worst parts of myself to keep this little fella happy and

content with life, he was my world, as time went by I realized that he was never going to change & he was

doing his best to destroy the little hope I had one day he came home with a crooked smile and a sin in

his eyes. and that was the day that he kill the rest of my hope for life,with every punch he threw my way ,

my soul fade away.  was I really bad person for what I thought was my best try? that day he called me trash.

I have never felt so worthless from love, peace, hope, what was I supposed to do? trying my best to do what

ever I could do to save us both from hell, I was the only one who got thrown right in the middle of the pit.

my ray of sunshine was robbed from me in a single blink of an eye, how was I supposed to cope with that as

well, I was never thought to stand up & cherish that I am alive. I was dead inside, & the long was my world

was darkness the faster I wanted to die, nothing was worth it, nothing at all. then one day, after

contemplating suicide, my sunshine came back, finally I felt hole again. but this wholeness I had just found

was bound by a life time of  sorrow, now this person that I talk about, wants back in my life, but how can I

let him  if he did nothing but make me feel dead inside,



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