Witches, We (chapter 18)



What will happen when the love spells fade away? (Teeny 18+ moment)

            Galen led Vix to the living room and turned on the television to a cartoon channel, then flopped down beside Vix on the couch. “So your sister is my cousin.”


            “Did you know?”

            “No! Not until about ten minutes ago.”

            He sighed. “How do I have a cousin?”

            “My mom, your uncle.”

            “Really? The one that disappeared before I was born?”


            He turned to look at her. “I missed you. I’m really glad you’re here.”

            Vix felt guilty. Spell, spell, spell. But she was also happy. “Me too.”

            Galen grabbed her hand and tingles shot up Vix’s arm.

            Then, as it had happened before, they came together, tugging each other, kissing, rubbing. Vix couldn’t stand it, he was all she wanted, all she needed--

            --and then, with a strange sort of snap, it stopped. The feelings stopped. The kissing stopped. She sat back into the sofa and looked at him. He was still attractive, still desirable, she supposed, but not irresistible.

            He watched her, frowning. “That was… that was kinda weird. Maybe it’s because we’re practically related?”

            Vix nodded. “Probably. We can be friends. Right?”

            He nodded too. “Oh, absolutely. I still think you’re, like, the coolest chick I know.”

            That made Vix so happy. At least it wasn’t all because of the spell. He did actually like her, he just didn’t love her. And that was okay.

            They had a very nice time watching cartoons together.


            As they drove away, Vix giggled.

            “Did something good happen?” Layla asked with a smirk.

            “Yeah. It’s over. Ursa's emotions or whatever that went into us. They're gone.”

            “No shit.” Layla clutched the wheel tightly.

            “Mmm hmm. Totally over. Galen’s pretty cool, though. We’ll be friends.”

            “No shit,” Layla repeated, looking scared.

            “Maybe go see Chris?”

            Layla bit her lip. She didn’t want to find out that it was over. What if her feelings were real and his weren’t?

            “Do you want to drop me off at home first?”

            Layla shot down the road without a word.

            She couldn’t go on hiding. She had to know whether Chris’s feelings for her had vanished, or whether they were about to. There was no way that Ursa, her dad, or even Cassandra would be devastated at her absence. She didn’t have the patience to drop Vix off, and figured Vix would rather be with Layla than with Ursa’s long-absent father.

            She pulled up to Daughtry’s and squealed to a stop.

            Vix pried her clawed hands from the edge of her seat.

            “You can come,” Layla murmured.

            “That’s okay. I’ll wait,” Vix answered.

            Layla would have been happy for some support, but understood Vix’s hesitance. She had a bad feeling this would end in tears.

            She took a deep breath, then got out and went inside the shop.

            Daughtry grimaced when he saw her. “Hey, Layla. Here to see Chris?”

            She nodded.

           “Go ahead in.”

            Layla put her hand on the door and hesitated.

            “Did you get to see Anna?” Daughtry asked casually.

            “Yeah, she’s great.” Layla chuckled. “You know, Vix’s boyfriend is my cousin? Your cousin, too.”

            “That’s weird.”

             She nodded again. Then, she pushed the door open.

             Radiohead blasted from Chris’s boom box. She sighed. Good taste in music.

             Chris was inside a car, applying an inspection sticker to the windshield. He noticed Layla and smirked.

             Layla smiled back nervously.

             When he stepped out of the car, he said, “So? Did you tell your crazy mom that you’re moving in with me?”

            Laughter puffed out of her mouth. “Nah, I figure you might not want me to anymore.”

            “Please," he scoffed. "I doubt anything could change my mind.” He stepped around the car, eyeing her curiously.

           “I guess we’ll see about that.”

           “Hey. Layla.” He stared into her eyes. “If you don’t want to move in, that’s fine.”

           She gazed at him sadly. “That’s not it.”

           “Hey,” he said, putting his hands on her shoulders. “What’s wrong? You’re making me worried.”

           His hands felt warm and strong. She wanted them all over her. She cleared her throat. “Do you have time? To talk?”

           “Sure. No more jobs right now.” He looked behind him where a blue van was parked in the second bay, then turned back with a wicked smirk. “That van’s got a bed in the back.”

           Fire ran through her body and she wanted desperately to collapse against him and forget all her fears. But she had to know for certain. “Do you feel differently about me?”

           “Hmm?” he murmured, bringing his lips to her neck. “A little.”

           She shuddered—half from fear, half from excitement. “What’s different?”

            “Well,” he murmured again, with a grin. “I was worried this morning, like I’d never see you again. It’s been like that since I met you, kinda like an obsession.”

            She moaned, as his breath beat against her collarbone.

            He pulled her closer. “But around ten o’clock or so, I started wondering what I was so worried about. I calmed down, you know? It was like I started being rational again.”

            Layla couldn’t stop herself from wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him even closer, his erection stabbing at her in just the right way. “Rational…” she repeated.

            He groaned, wrapping his deft hands around her ass. “Rational, yeah,” he grunted. “I remembered what you said about being mine and I believed it. I believe you, Layla.”

            Was it true? Or was he still affected by her mother’s spell, or worse, one of her own making? She wanted him so badly, if she really was a witch, she had no doubt her desire would manifest itself, just as her mother’s will had caused strange things to happen so many times.

            “I do,” she uttered, not making sense. “I do want you all to myself. I want to live with you,” he made her gasp by crushing her against him. “I want to fucking touch you every second of my life. I don’t want anyone else, Chris. I never have.”

            “Yeah,” he said, dragging her backward toward the van. “That’s good, Layla.” He reached behind him and slid the door open, then yanked her inside. “I lost myself for a while there, you know. I wasn’t me. Well I was.” He pulled her down onto a soft mattress and kicked the door closed. “I was myself, but this frantic, out-of-control version of myself. Am I making any sense?”

             Layla tried to keep her head clear as he crawled on top of her. “So,” she gasped. She tried again. “So, it was like you were under a spell and now… now you’re not?”

             He laughed. “That sounds about right.”

             Tears suddenly sprang from her eyes, but not the ones of devastation she’d imagined. She writhed against him, full of manic joy and arousal. She reached down and felt how hard he was. This wasn’t her mother’s magic; this was some magic that no being could control.

             Chris’s eyes were shut tight. “Layla,” he whispered. “If you keep doing that, I’m gonna cum.”

             She inhaled deeply, carried by her own power that had nothing to do with magic. “I want you to.”

             He pushed her arm down roughly and his brown eyes snapped open to stare into her grey ones. “You first.”


            Vix felt like she’d been waiting forever. She’d calmed down to the point of utter boredom, so she got out of the car and wandered into the shop.

            Daughtry was leaning on his hand, with his elbow on the table, staring at his computer. He glanced at her and sat up straight. “You’re here too, Vix?”

           “Yeah, I got bored waiting. Is Layla in the garage?”

           Daughtry grabbed his lower lip in his teeth. “Yeah, but I think you'd better stay in here.”

           Vix’s eyebrows shot up. She completely understood what he wasn’t saying.

           She grabbed a car magazine and sat down with it.

           “Crazy couple of days,” Daughtry said.

           “Yeah, tell me about it. I’ve been jerked around in ten different directions and now I’m the one with nothing interesting going on.”

           “How’s that?”

           Vix sighed. Why not tell him? Who else would really understand but Erik and her family? “Well, I was seeing this guy, completely amped up by feelings that weren’t mine. Now that's over. And Ursa’s dad showed up, and apparently, Layla has something real with Chris. Why don’t I get some amazing story?”

           Daughtry’s brow furrowed. “You’re kidding, right? You get powers. That’s pretty damn amazing.”

           He had a point, there.

           “Ursa’s dad showed up?”

           “Oh. Yeah. He seems pretty nice. Looks just like Ursa.” She hastily took in the expression on Erik’s face. He looked tense.

           “Guess she’ll be pretty busy then, huh?”

           “That’s what you’re worried about?”

           “Well, yeah. We had plans.” He looked away sheepishly.

           Was everyone in this world a damn pervert? It seemed that way to Vix. For some reason Kyle came to mind. Did he have sex on his mind, too?

           Well, he hadn’t made a move all year and the most he’d done was kiss her. She smiled. He was a good guy. He hadn’t done anything perverted, as far as she knew. She was a much bigger pervert, apparently.

           She wished she had his number.

           Vix sat up straight.

           Last night he’d had a few girls with him! Were they interesting? Were they cuter than her? She couldn’t believe she hadn’t checked them out! She’d made it clear to Kyle that she’d been interested in someone else. Why wouldn’t he seek out someone new?

           Vix was suddenly very frustrated. Did she miss her chance because of her mother’s meddling? Then again, if Vix hadn’t opened herself up and cared about how she looked for Galen, Kyle might never have made his move. She felt herself blush. It was cool how he’d done it. It was light; not in the least intimidating.

           She wished she could go back and do it all over. What would she have done? She found herself fantasizing about it. Maybe she would have kissed him back? Vix sighed. She’d blown it.

           “Are you okay?” Erik asked.

           “Yeah. Yeah, of course. Just thinking.”

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