Journals of a Psychopath



Lady Flarice does not wish to kill Alexia

The Purification Area

The Lady Flarice was dreadfully fearful and transfixed when I slipped the sword into her hand she was repulsed.
      “Sir Clarkson I cannot do this.”
      “You must use the sword to injure Alexia and if you do not you must be prepared for her to undergo even more pain,” Smithson said powerfully.
She was reluctant to harm Alexia and the Lady Flarice stalled, Smithson snatched her hand and positioned it on Alexia's abdomen.
      “You must injure Alexia here, the Wooden Forms and the Archangel ordained it.”
She glanced at Alexia's face.
“I am truly sorry Alexia.”
She levitated the sword, stretching it aloft, Smithson and I waited expectantly, Alexia peered and the Lady Flarice impelled the sword down into Alexia's belly. She wrenched the sword from Alexia’s abdomen and then she threw up on the woodland, Lady Flarice wiped the sick from her mouth, and Alexia screamed.
Guiding the Lady Flarice’s hand on the gore and Smithson yowled. Alexia's ruby-solution encountered the Lady Flarice's palm. Moving her hand up, he streaked an imprint of war paint with Alexia's blood onto the Lady Flarice's face.
      “Now you are united with us.”
Dancing around the conflagration Smithson's particular pattern squirmed. Trickling from Alexia's wound the scarlet-fluid was beautiful.
      “Please end it for me?”
Squatting against the Master Tree and we drank the whiskey, the Lady Flarice was immobile as a statue. The gore trickled from Alexia’s wound and the scene deliciously bizarre.

The Farmstead

      “You would not take Smithson from me.”
She realized then I was telling the truth, Smithson was very dear to her, and Rheanna relied on his presence in the manor house. Agreeing to finance Charlenson, she phoned a rest home at the top of the list, and fortunately, a room was vacant. Sorting the finance, the monies were approved.
      “Clarkson I want you to come back to my bed you must release Elaina.”
      “I will not bed you. We are leaving and our purpose here is concluded.”
Rheanna watched us exit and reprisal was printed on her face.

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