The Harpy: Birth of the Monster



This is a fan fiction series I'm working on based off of the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU).

Episode One, Part One

In the state of New York, something unpleasant is lurking deep within the wooded foothills.  The wind howls.  Lightning flashes.  A rainstorm is about to hit.

Nearby, a stretch of highway curves along the base of the mountain.  The road winds off into oblivion beyond other peaks.  The rumble of an engine can be heard.  It's an articulated lorry with refrigerated trailer heading south.  Moving away, the truck becomes smaller until it finally disappears in the distance.  From where the truck emerged, a white 1972 Volkswagen Microbus comes into view.

Inside, five people can be seen.  They are couples Scott and Jean, Alexander and Lorna, and Gabriel, Scott and Alexander's brother.  Both Scott and Lorna wear "Xavier Institute" tee shirts, and are students along with the others at that school for gifted youngsters.

Alexander is driving while Lorna sits next to him up front.  Scott, Jean, and Gabriel are in the back.  They listen to "Shout It Out Loud" by KISS on the radio, and Lorna is slapping the dashboard as if it were a drum.

"Well, the night's begun, and you want some fun, do you think you're gonna find it?" Lorna sang with the music.  "You got to treat yourself like number one do you need to be reminded?"

"We never should have left the school." Jean said upsettingly.

"No problem," Scott replied coolly.  "Alex will beat the storm . . . or I'll whoop his scrawny butt when we arrive at the cabin in the woods."

Scott winks casually and tries to snuggle up against Jean; she pushes him away.

"Professor Xavier is going to expel all of us." Jean exclaimed.  "I told him we were all going into town this evening to see Arachnid Attack: Invasion of the Big A$$ Tarantulas from a Planet near Mars at the cinema."

"Alex," Scott said.  "Can't you go any faster?"

"Hang on," Alexander answered.

He presses the gas pedal with his foot.  The vehicle speeds up, moving quickly along.  As it rounds a blind curve, a grim and austere structure looms in the distance.  It was a squat, graceless building; a purely functional building designed by an architect with a singular lack of imagination and inspiration.  Driving towards the building; the quintet see lights burning from the top floor and an eerie, emerald glow emanating from the roof.

Suddenly, the radio stops and the steering wheel jerks from Alexander's hand.  The vehicle screeches out of control into the opposite lane.  A black semi-truck, sporting a giant Green Goblin mask on its grille, races toward the microbus on a collision course.  Its horn blaring.

"Alex," Jean screamed terrifyingly.  "Watch out!"

The truck races closer.  Their steering wheel is locked.

"Goddamn it, Alex," Scott shouted.  "Turn!"

At the last moment, Alexander's wheel again can be controlled, and the microbus swerves back into its own lane.  The truck speeds harmlessly past them.

"Alex," Scott said irritably.  "What the fuck was that?  Are you trying to get us all killed?"

"Don't raise your damn voice at me." Alexander replied snappily.  "The wheel jerked right out of my hand."

"Radio's still out." Lorna declared.

Scott is at a lost.

"I can't understand it.  I just had this thing in for a tune-up."

"Well, then, you might want to take it back to Mort's Auto Body cause the electronics have crapped out." Alexander said.  "The only thing on the vehicle that still functions is the lousy horn."

Alexander honks the horn.  Walking down the highway, Old Man Logan, a hermit who lives in the Crystal Lake area, responds to the horn by waving.  Alexander yells out the window at him.

"Aw, go to hell, you old fart!"

He looks in the rearview mirror.  Old Man Logan is still waving in the distance.  Alexander turns back to drive.

"Holy shit." Alexander exclaimed nervously.

"It's not the vehicle." Gabriel said candidly.  "It's that creepy building back there.  My friend Kitty claims it's a front for aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy who can change their appearance."

"Your friend Katherine Pryde," Scott said quietly, "is a fruitcake who has developed a series of delusions relating to alleged paranormal activity in Salem Center too."

Lorna turns around in the front seat and holds up a bottle of tequila.  She coolly sips from it, and then passes it back to Scott and Jean.  Scott pours her a drink in the bottle cap, and then keeps the bottle.  They raise their drinks.

"Well, I'd like to make a toast." Scott said merrily.  "To Alex — who almost got our asses ran over by playing chicken with an eighteen-wheeler on a dark, stormy night."

"Screw you, Scott!" Alexander responded irately.

Scott and the others laugh.  They toast, drink, and react to the strong booze.  Scott tries to hide his reaction to the tequila in front of Jean, since Lorna had reacted so calmly.  Scott passes the bottle to Gabriel who stops him with a polite "Thank you, but none for me" and then back up front to Lorna.

"Scott," Jean said.  "What's this place like anyway?"

"Well," Scott responded.  "The guy that's renting it says it's an old place, a little rundown, but it's right up in the mountains--totally secluded.  Best part is, we get it so cheap."

"Why are we getting it so cheap?"

"I don't know, might be in real bad shape."

"You mean," Gabriel said wonderingly, "no one's seen this place yet?"

"Not yet." Scott replied.

"Might not be too bad." Alexander added.

"Really?" Jean asked.

"Actually," Alexander said nonchalantly, "it might be very nice."

"Right. . . "

"It's probably a genuine paradise." Lorna said sarcastically.

"I can't believe that we're renting a place, even if it's for a couple of hours, that no one's seen." Gabriel said questioningly.

"Jesus Christ," Scott mumbled.  "Not this shit again."

"You know," Gabriel said, turning to Scott.  "Kurt and Peter would never had allowed us to go up to a place like this if they knew--"

"And that's exactly why they don't know." Scott answered.  "But I'll tell you who I'm calling.  Those assholes that worked on this vehicle."

The microbus approaches an exit along the highway.

Glancing at the map again, Scott said "Hey, I think this is where we get off."

The microbus turns off the main highway and follows several back roads until it approaches a narrow dirt lane that winds upward along a twin set of mountains.

To Be Continued


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