Snippet of a Work-in-progress — Cora

Cora was brave but she felt even braver when he was near.  She no longer felt shy around him.  She felt whole. And she no longer saw him as a knight at the King's court or even as a high-born man.He was her husband. Rugged, handsome, hard-working. The smell of dirt and peat entrenched his hair.

When he was near, she was always by his side. Even if it was just sitting by the fire while he read at night.  She would be right beside him with her sewing.

And it was the same for him. He was drawn to the sweet lavender scent of her hair and it took everything he had to keep his wandering hands off her while she worked.

Sometimes she would leave the baby with one of his sisters and bring him lunch out in the fields. His heart would leap as he saw her coming. He would stop all he was doing to wrap his arms around her and lift her up to kiss him. Letting her body brush up against his.

And when no one was around, he would take what was rightfully his.



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